Boutique Hotel La Escondida

The drive from the airport to La Escondida gives the first seductive clues that you're on the road to somewhere special; the Spanish coast fades from view and is increasingly replaced by towering trees that cling at impossible angles to rugged escarpments along the roadside.

Turning into a twisting main road you are suddenly in a vast valley, circled by mountains, totally enchanting and totally uninterrupted by the modern world. There, in the distance, slightly raised and in proud command of its own 500-acre estate, is your hideaway - our Escondida. Unfortunately, as La Escondida is positioned at the top of a hill, disabled access is extremely limited. Entrance to the restaurant is possible and the outside top terrace.

On the outside you'll see a Moorish, traditionally-constructed building that is well over 100 years old: inside you'll discover simple but luxurious furnishings that help make our boutique hotel intimate, cosy and unforgettable. Glimpse the stunning landscape through large bedroom windows, or the endless blue of a perfect Spanish sky as you lie by the outdoor pool or sip a local wine on one of the sprawling terraces. Or simply enjoy the silence, broken occasionally by a distant church bell or a local shepherd's goat herd.

The pride and joy of Escondida is our kitchen. Our Michelin-star trained chef serves up the most delicious dishes, using the freshest ingredients and locally-sourced produce. Between meals, there is a whole world to be explored - either on your own doorstep or in the great outdoors with many activities on offer and beaches only a 45/50 minutes drive away.

 Located in the community of Penaguila, 20 minutes from the bustling Spanish town of Alcoy and on the doorstep of the Font Roja National Park, the stunning land surrounding La Escondida is completely protected.