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Argan & Caviar

An effective treatment which prevents and corrects the signs of aging; It helps to repair the skin's vitality giving you a younger and fresher look.
1 hour €85

Natural Treatment

A totally natural experience! We offer a complete product line based on essential oils coming from ecologic plants, such as white tea which has been found to be one of the most powerful of natures antioxidants.
1 hour €90
Moisturising + nourishing + ecological antioxidant treatment

Beauty In Fussion

An adapted treatment for all different types of skin, providing luminosity and elasticity. This facial is ideal for mature skins.
1 hour €85


Serúm 30 - Anti-ageing + vitality
Serúm 40 - Firming
Serúm 50 - Elimination of liquids and redensify the skin

Nutri Star

Intensive moisturizing treatment with essential oils. Leaves the skin hydrated, soft, and luminous.
1 hour €85

Lifting & Firming

Firming and moisturizing treatment. An ideal anti-aging supplement to prevent signs of flaccidity.
1 hour €85


Mediterranean Wrap

Loose yourself in this unique and unusual treatment thanks to the unrivalled scent and the elegant texture of the exfoliation followed by an algae wrapping.
90 minutes €110
Moisturising + nourishing + relaxing treatment

Exquisite Choco Therapy

Sweet and addictive. This therapy is based on a rich exfoliation with real cocoa particles accompanied by a luscious cream wrapping which not only provides a totally hydrated and stimulated skin but contours shape and outline too.
90 minutes €110
Relaxing and shaping

Luz La Escondida Massage

Just let the masseure hands fill you with a feeling of peace and calmness. A unique massage made with aromatic butter candles which provide an irresistible aroma and warmth. A multisensorial experience capable to ease the body and mind.
1 hour €95

A Wonderful Prenatal Massage

A gentle relaxing massage will help the expectant mum activate the lymphatic circulation, using a technique called lymphatic drainage we will work on your legs, arms and neck. This massage helps to reduce any swelling of the legs and also relaxes the whole body, great for mum and hopefully baby too!
1 hour €85

La Escondida Bliss

Experience a feeling of bliss, relax and enjoy one out of wraps and exfoliation treatments following by a wonderful Luz massage.
2 hour €170
Skin Rejuvenation + moisturising + relaxing and regenerative

Heavenly La Escondida

Switch off completely from the stresses and strains of life, unwind and experience the feelings of deep relaxation. One of our beautiful facials will then be followed by a full body exfoliation and wrap, then if you are still awake the full body massage will complete this wonderful heavenly treatment.
3 hour €255


Head Massage

Neck and head massage ending with a relaxing body massage. Applying oriental and cranium sacral techniques creating an overall feeling of relaxation.
60 min.  €85


A therapeutic massage that helps the entire body, it is an intense therapy beneficial for problems with digestion, saturated liver, cervical or lumbar, strains and hernias and it can also aid emotional problems too.
1 h. €85

Relaxing Body

Corporal massage of 60 or 90 minutes, covering the entire body and helps to create a feeling of complete and total wellbeing.
1 h. €85
90 min. €110

Sport Descontracting Massage

Deep therapeutic massage that helps to relax and release those body parts that are affected by mental-emotional stress and physical stress sustained by injuries. Massage dedicated to your chosen body areas or mixed in a full body treatment. For a full body experience, a 90-minute treatment is recommended.
1h. €85
90 min. €110


Chinese oriental technique based on pressure points over the Chinese meridians which travel throughout the body. This improves the energy balance and also gets full relaxation into the body too.
1h. €85


Body massage using the intensity that the client prefers, based on the application of essential oils with the overall aim of providing a much deeper massage, thanks to the therapeutic properties of the oils.
1 h. €85


Therapeutic energy work.
Many emotional problems in our bodies can be caused by the blocking of the chakras. This treatment helps to clear these blockages allowing the energy to flow freely around the body, creating a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.
1 h. €85


*Please make note the spa treatments must be booked 24 hours in advance.
We will not make reservations for treatments on the day of check out.